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South Sudan

CF Name South Sudan Forum for Agricultural Advisory Service (SoSFAAS)
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Contacts Agustino Atillio and Dr George Leju

The South Sudan Forum for Agricultural Advisory Service (SoSFAAS) was successfully done on the 15th of June 2016 in Juba.

The core objective of SoSFAAS is to : “provide the platform for all agricultural extension partners in the spirit of pluralism to participate in implementing the National Agriculture and livestock Extension Policy (NALEP) approved by the Government of South Sudan”.

 Members of the country forum

◦      Academia (University of Juba, Crop Training Centre, Marial Lou Livestock Training Centre, Kogulu Forestry Training Centres);

◦      Public sector (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry Cooperatives and Rural Development, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Industry);

◦      Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs etc);

◦      Private Sector Companies and Banks;

◦      Farmer Organizations (FOs) (Fisher folk association (1), Pastoralist association (1), Farmers association (1);

◦      Development Partners (Donors);

◦      Media  

 Next Steps

◦      Development of proposal for CF formation;

◦      Developing the CF strategy and operational plan;

◦      Validation of proposal for CF formation and agreement on strategic and operational planning;

◦      Development of multi-stakeholder institutions;

◦      Development of a functioning secretariat;

◦      Development of SoSFAAS Website.

The two key people to interact with are Agustino Atillio and Dr George Leju.

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Our Contacts

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Tel: +256 312 313400

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