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CF Name Forum national pour le conseil agricole et rural du Togo (FNCR- Togo)
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The Forum National pour le Conseil Agricole et Rural du Togo (FNCR- Togo) has been established through the technical support from RESCAR-AOC and internal financial support. However, the work relationship with AFAAS secretariat is at development stage. 

The immediate activities/priorities includes:
  • Hold a policy dialogue on extension approaches and tools in Togo
  • Elaborate and implement a communication strategy
  • Carryout survey on impacts
  • Adaptation of “New extensionists” concept within Togolese context.
  • Conduct a survey on how to align RAS within actors demands
  • Contribute to the elaboration of RAS dissemination strategy.
  • Organize an adequate system of KM within Togo CF and CF members
  • Sensitize policy makers on the new challenges of RAS mostly the “New extensionists” concept.

Contact person: Hassan Essowavana BODORA, CF focal person, Forum National du Conseil Rural (FNCR),

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