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  • Strengthening Pluralistic agricultural extension in Malawi

    At the request of the USAID Malawi Mission, the MEAS project (Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services – a USAID funded project) conducted a rapid scoping mission to examine the pluralistic extension system in Malawi and to develop recommendations for strengthening extension and advisory services in the country.

  • Climate, Agriculture and Knowledge in Africa: Agricultural Research and Advisory Services in the Face of Climate Change

    The vulnerability of African agriculture to climate change creates key tasks of promoting agricultural adaptations and adaptive capacity in agriculture, and embracing opportunities for low-carbon development in agriculture. Agricultural research services, and agricultural advisory services, will be key actors in this work. This report synthesises findings from the project Climate Learning for African Agriculture, assessing how African agricultural research and advisory services are taking account of climate issues in their policies and practices, and how they can better do so in future.

  • African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services 2011 - 2015 Strategic plan

    The vast majority of the population in Africa still live in rural areas and are largely dependent on subsistence agriculture for their livelihoods. Most economies in Africa are also greatly dependent on agriculture. It has therefore been concluded that improved agricultural performance will impact on general livelihoods of African population by uplifting both physical and economic access to food, raising the purchasing power of households, and generating investment.

  • African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services Knowledge Management and Communications Strategy

    The AFAAS vision (AFAAS 2011) is for agricultural advisory services that effectively and efficiently contribute to sustained productivity and growth of African agriculture - is mission is to promote lesson learning and add value to initiatives in agricultural advisory services through sharing of information and increased professional interaction.



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